Intelligent Interactive Kiosks at Your Service

The ALFRED (AD-215/156) is a reflection of Partner Tech’s future vision of the POS with stylish features and intelligent self-service technology. The name Alfred is a man’s name of English origin meaning “wise counselor”. The AD-215/156 is a technology rich solution that offers industrial grade performance with a high-quality design and Intelligent Self-Service Technology for an efficient and interactive customer experience. The Alfred line is  combined with the 21.5’ or 15.6” Touch screen and a wide range of CPU options that are able to meet the requirements of different scenarios in retail, hospitality, and many other verticals.

Offer Your Customers the Convenience of Self-Service
Kiosks have become highly popular in many vertical markets including retail, foodservice, lodging, healthcare, transportation, government and gaming. But for some businesses cost constraints, space limitations and other factors make installing traditional freestanding kiosks difficult, if not impossible.

Time-Savings and Convenience for You and Your Customers
Partner Tech understands this challenge and has responded with a wide variety of kiosk solutions with the Alfred AD-215 Series. It is possible to install it in vertical or horizontal mode with a counter top stand or floor stand to meet your needs and space requirements. Our self-serve kiosks are built for longevity and have different processors and peripherals options.

The Alfred Kiosk AD-215 uses Partner Tech’s 21.5″ All-In-One touch terminal from the A7. Its fanless technology helps protect kiosks from damage, from dust or dirt in the environment that can degrade internal components. It helps kiosks to perform more reliable and longer for maximizing the return on investment.

21.5″ Anti-Glare/ 15.6″

Projected Capacitive Touch

High speed M.2 SSD helps performance and reliability

Counter Top Stand or  Floor Stand Extension